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Alexa-Dagmar20150802_3891Are you planning to study in the university to get degree in something? If yes, what subject would you choose? (I am guessing design and management, but let’s see :)))
At this point in life I haven’t thought about studying. I’m really busy with all of my projects and my opinion is that studying isn’t the only road to success. Never say never though, maybe I’ll study something someday! I’d probably lean towards PR and marketing.

To make blog popular takes a while. Do you have mind-map of your blog future? How long you think you will keep blogging?
The blog world changes constantly, so it’s really hard to think about the future. Every day I wake up I have no idea which kind of offers and opportunities I’ll get by the end of the day and that’s the best part of this job. Though the downside is that there’s no guarantee that it will be my job forever, but I don’t see myself quitting anytime soon. I totally love it!

Do you dream about having house in future or you are downtown apartment girl?
I’m totally a downtown apartment girl! All of my friends say that they see us buying a house outside of the city and getting a dog, but I don’t see it coming haha. I have lived in the city since I was a kid and I have always loved the fact that all the services are within walking distance.

You are introducing so many different design things, but have you ever thought of creating something by yourself?
That’s a great question! I really love interior design and decorating, but I’m not a designer.  There’s so many talented designers out there, that I’d rather let them do it!

Which countries have you been to and where would you like to go?
I have traveled a lot in Europe and I have also been to Asia and the US. I would like to travel to Australia and South Africa.

What are the first things you do after you wake up?
I’m always making myself a huge cup of coffee and going through my mails and my comments.

What is a fashion trend that you hate?
I can’t think about a fashion trend I hate at the moment, but I can tell you a blog trend I hate right now. The “follow us to” pictures are sooo unoriginal and cheesy. I like the original ones @muradosmann creates and shares on instagram, but everyone seems to be copying them at the moment. One Finnish company also used the concept in their ad campaign and that was so lame. I mean can you make up something new, please?

If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be?
That’s so hard! I would like to change tons of things, but let’s just say that it would be great to have a peaceful world.

Hey! I very much like how you share your style on this blog, but I’ve always been interested in how you manage your health. Young people nowadays are very health oriented :) So what do you do to stay healthy? How is your diet/exercise? Are there any foods you can’t eat or just dislike? What are your favourite foods? Do you cook often? :) Etc..
I get that question pretty often! I have had phases in my life in the past when I have been obsessed with working out and eating healthy, but that’s not healthy right? Nowadays I’m really comfortable with myself and I don’t stress about eating or working out. Still, I love to workout and usually I workout 4-5 times a week, but if I don’t feel like it, I don’t do it. So sometimes there are weeks when I workout just once or twice. It’s supposed to be fun and give you energy, not a “have to do” thing. I’m eating just what I want, but I’m glad that I enjoy eating healthy food on most days. Though I need to admit that I also love eating out and desserts are my favorites haha :)

Hey, I’m a daily reader, mostly a ghost reader. But I love that you love Paris as much as I do. What’s your favorite spot there?
There are so many great spots! My favorite thing to do is walk around during midnight (on Rue Saint-Honoré) and eat ice cream from Häagen-Dazs.

Why did you start blogging earlier? (Probably you’ve already written about it, but I forgot it)
I just felt passionate about all the blog related things. Such as photographing, fashion, design and being social.

Are you planning to do a meeting with Marianna and Linda somewhere else than Helsinki?
We have been talking about it! It’s always a way more complicated to organize events like that in another country, but we’ll se. Hope so!

Hi! Do you read any “smaller” blogs that you can tell us about? Would love to find new bloggers to follow that I haven’t already heard about!
Sure! Here, here and here. Enjoy!

How many languages do you speak? :)
Three. Finnish, English and Swedish. I also studied Spanish for a while in high school, I can order food etc., but there’s no way I could speak it fluently. I would love to learn French! Hahah the episode in Friends when Joey tried to learn French, loved it!!!

Photo by: Dora Dalila

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  1. Sanna September 10, 2015

    Pakko kommentoida, että olen samaa mieltä tuosta “Follow me to” trendistä. Olen alkuperäisen projektin suuri fani ja olen sitä jo jonkin aikaa instassa seuraillut. Ihmettelin suuresti myös tätä mainoskamppanjaa ja en kanssa ymmärrä miksi kaikki tuntuvat ottavan näitä kuvia. Tai ei siinä mitään, kaikki saavat tehdä niinkuin haluavat, mutta musta on just siistimpää koittaa enemmin keksiä niitä “omia juttuja”.

    • Alexa September 10, 2015

      Jep, nimenomaan! :) xx

  2. Bitisho September 10, 2015

    I really love reading your Q&A’s or random facts. It’s nice to get to the person behind the picture a little. x

  3. K September 10, 2015

    Pakko kysyä, että mikä tämä “follow me to”-trendi on? Multa on mennyt ihan ohi :D mielenkiintoinen postaus muuten!

    • Alexa September 10, 2015

      Laitoin tohon sen alkuperäisen instatunnukset, niin sieltä näet! :) xx

  4. nina September 10, 2015

    Puhutko oikeasti ruotsia sujuvasti? :)

    • Alexa September 10, 2015

      Kyllä mä Ruotsissa aina asioin ruotsiksi ongelmitta. Pari bisnestapaamistakin on ruotsiksi vedetty, mutta se ei kieltämättä suju vielä ihan niin hyvin kuin arkipäiväisten asioiden hoitaminen. Tekemällä oppii!! :) xx

  5. Ellaria September 10, 2015

    Ja sun jokapäiväiset kuvat instagramissasi on jotain uutta vai? Ne kahvi muotilehden päällä, kukkakimppu kädessä yms kuvat on musta just sitä samaa mut kaikilla muilla bloggareilla ja vastaavilla on. Huvittaa että kritisoit mielikuvituksen puutteesta

    • Alexa September 10, 2015

      Ihan eri asia! Minulta kysyttiin trendistä josta en välitä ja kerroin. En missään vaihessa väittänytkään että olisin persoonallisen tyylin ruumiillistuma, koska en ole! :) xx

  6. Angelique September 10, 2015

    I love this kind of post, you can learn a lot more from these posts ! I would love to learn you how to speak french, tell me if you’re interested, haha ! Lot of love from Paris Alexa.

    • Alexa September 10, 2015

      I would love to! It would be amazing to be able to speak it :) I’m coming there soon! xx

  7. Sasha September 10, 2015

    I love reading posts like this! Thanks for doing it in English ;)