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Paris Restaurant Tips

march 21, 2016, Paris

41 Avenue Montaigne 

The best place for people watching, it’s like being in a fashion show. Totally love the terrace and I have always enjoyed my meals as well. Really fresh and yummy! Pretty pricey though, but worth it. I have never seen that many Birkin bags in my life!

Hotel Costes
241 Rue Saint Honoré

I totally love Hotel Costes and their restaurant. I love the “mysterious” boudoir theme and the restaurant is lovely as well – especially the terrace. If you go there, you need to try the cheesecake! It’s mouth-watering.

173 Boulevard Saint-Germain

Ralph Lauren’s restaurant is located in the backyard of Ralph Lauren’s Boulevard Saint-Germain store. Great service, delicious burgers and lovely atmosphere.

Le Zinc d’Honore 
36 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré

Really cozy bistro in my favorite area near Rue Saint-Honoré. The burger is one of the best burgers I have ever had!

Le Relais De l’entrecote
Several Locations in Paris

You don’t need to struggle with decisions here! Everyone gets the same dish. Salad starter, followed by steak and fries with a special sauce. The secret sauce recipe is a legendary thing in Paris, you gotta try this!

 32 Rue du Mont Thabor

Ferdi is Kim Kardashian’s favorite restaurant and I totally love it as well. It’s super small and cozy and the food is good as well. The place is pretty special, it’s full of toys!

25 Rue de la Pompe

One of the best fine dining experiences in Paris. If you are a fan of interior design (Philippe Starck has designed the place) and Asian fusion food, you are going to love this!

14 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I really love the breakfast in Claus. They have the perfect croissants and omelets, yummy!


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