Grey Cardigan and Striped Shirt

Tässä raitapaita -haatseen 3/4 asu. Tämä on mun sellainen luottoasu, joskin raitapaita on täysin uusi ulottuvuus. Yleensä olen käyttänyt sen tilalla yksiväristä bodya tai pellava t-paitaa, mutta raitis toimii itse asiassa tosi hyvin – tuo vähän kontrastia kokonaisuuteen. Kerään muuten kaikki haasteisiin liittyvät asukuvat “outfit” -kategorian lisäksi “fourways” -kategoriaan, jos kiinnostaa selailla niitä myöhemmin. Teen toki tästäkin haasteesta vielä koosteen maanantaina.

Ensi viikon haasteeksi valikoitui selkeästi toivotuin “muhkea poolo”, mutta uskon että ylipolvensaappaat saavat vielä mahdollisuutensa hiukan myöhemmin!

Here is the 3/4 outfit from my striped shirt outfit challenge. This outfit is actually my go-to outfit pretty often, though the striped shirt is a new thing for me. It actually fits the outfit pretty well, don’t you think? You can find all of the challenge outfits from the outfit category as well as from my “fourways” category. I’m going to post a round up from all of the striped shirt challenge outfits on Monday. 

Next week I’ll be wearing 4 x a fluffy turtleneck shirt, hope you like it!

Photos by: Maria Hästbacka
Karen Walker Sunnies
Acne Cardigan
Samsoe Samsoe Shirt
Tiger of Sweden Jeans
Saint Laurent Bag
Topshop Shoes

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  1. Natali November 13, 2015

    Looking great to me! :)

  2. Naomi November 13, 2015

    Hi alexa! I’m really happy that you do this stripped tshirt challenge. This is one of my favourites basics. I think that when you wear it with a simple and neutral outfit, it elevates your look so much! Like the outfit you have in this post :)
    I’m so crazy with your lace flats! Love them so much.

    I have a question about this Acne cardigan. I wanted to buy it but it is a bit pricey. Does it keep you warm? Is it worth the price? Do you have it for a long time and is it still nice? Do you recommend it? Sorry for all my questions..

    Have a good day, love

    • Alexa November 13, 2015

      Thanks so much Naomi! The Raya cardigan is one of my wardrobe staples, so I can totally recommend it. I have had this one for 1,5 year and it’s still in good condition. It’s really warm and it can be used as a coat as well during spring and summertime :) xx

  3. ColorOfBerries November 13, 2015

    Those shoes looks great. I really like your style:)

  4. Nancy November 16, 2015

    The cardigan looks soo cozy! I like this idea of challenging yourself to wear a piece 4 different ways! I must try it myself :)

    • Alexa November 16, 2015

      I’m so glad to hear that you like the concept! :) xx