Alexa Dagmar

Alexa Dagmar, 26, is a Finnish full-time blogger, influencer, entrepreneur and author based in Helsinki. She was one of the first professional bloggers in Finland and her lifestyle blog has been outstandingly popular from the beginning. Her talent as a photographer, writer and visualise has been noted on several medias and by various partners around the globe. Alexa’s long term partners include brands such as Maybelline, Zalando, essie and Moët & Chandon. Alexa Dagmar also co-hosts alongside Linda Juhola the hit podcast NONSENSE, available on iTunes and Spotify.


My blog is a source of inspiration that covers everything from fashion and beauty to home and travel. Every day you can expect me to capture and share what’s inspiring me lately.

Selected Projects

Essie Ambassador 2017-2018

I have had the honour to be the first Finnish essie ambassador. I have been a huge fan of the brand for a decade now, so it has been an amazing journey together with essie so far. We have been working closely for two years now and also launched successfully two “Alexa’s Favourites” essie collections in the Finnish market.

Designing a café for picnic

One of the coolest cases so far was when the coffee chain company Picnic hired me to be in charge of the visual image of their coffee shops. The pilot coffee shop has been open since May 2017 and it has been a major success. The case also won “The best influencer collaboration” award in The Blog Awards Finland 2017.